Thank you for visiting the home of Michael Trapp (a.k.a. The Alien, a.k.a. Mike E.T.) the driving force behind the bands CrimsonFaced, The Alien Mike E.T., The Alien RAK 47 Attack and Bliss(This). The Alien is also a renowned film composer and provider of soundtrack music. This is the place where you can check out all the latest news, photos, music and videos. Be sure to check out the different pages on our site and sign up for the newsletter before you leave. All the songs on the AUDIO page and/or the site audio player are available for free instant download, The Alien just wants to spread his music around planet Earth before he has to head back to his home base on Uranus. Thanks and enjoy the MUSIC!


The new CrimsonFaced song "Death Is My Curse" is out now and the video is posted below!

The Alien RAK 47 Attack EP is now available on iTunes!!!

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